One Story Classroom creates educational resources and programs that teach literacy, numeracy and global citizenship skills, using the storytelling arts and stories from around the world.

One Story Classroom operates as a social enterprise and coordinates the Light Upon Light Foundation’s educational projects and campaigns. Find out more.

Educational Projects and campaigns


The CHANGES Curriculum Framework began as an after-school program for children in Melbourne, Australia. It was borne of the conviction that all learning can - and should - be enjoyable, and of a desire to take education beyond the four walls of a classroom by facilitating opportunities for learning in informal, recreational spaces. 

The name of the framework - CHANGES - speaks to a vision of education for change - and of holistic approaches to learning that empower young people to become changemakers in their world. Find out more about the Framework.

Over the years, the Framework has developed to become a blueprint for instruction in literacy, numeracy and the natural and social sciences, that is both rigorous and engaging. It is now also a starting point for an ongoing discussion among like-minded educators around the world who are working together to bring the Framework’s pillars to life. Stay tuned for more information.

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The Fifth Element Math Academy is an initiative which combines the creative genius of #HipHopEd with the academic rigour of the Singaporean mathematics curriculum, and is based on the CHANGES Curriculum Framework. Stay tuned for more information.


The Bring Storytelling Back campaign brings parents and educators from all over the world together and supports them in their quest to use storytelling as a tool to impart life’s most important lessons to their children and students. Stay tuned for more information.