Creating safe and nurturing communities that are rich with the opportunities a child needs to grow and develop.

A child’s education is about the entire world they inhabit. We seek to contribute to the wellbeing of our next generation of leaders, by working with each of the social groups and institutions within a community that shape a child's world, and thus, their education: families and neighbourhoods; educators in schools; community leaders and agencies; policy-makers and government. 

This is how we do it.


From #HipHopEd to teaching through folktales, our education projects combine academic rigour with creativity and dynamism. All our projects are designed in line with the CHANGES Curriculum Framework, which places an emphasis on 21st century skills. Find out more.


Youth participation and leadership is at the heart of all that we do. Our projects are designed for young people, by young people, and seek to amplify the voices of other young people. Find out more.


We take a whole-of-community approach that involves working directly with students, while working strategically and systematically across the community to create the deeper shifts in culture that ensure long-term change. Find out more.